Planning Committee

Thursday, September 9, 2021

7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Douglas Hicks Meeting Room
Cllr M Cherry

Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Planning Committee to be held on Thursday 9th September 2021 at 7.30pmat The Radlett Centre.
Members are hereby summoned to this meeting and reminded that they have a duty to state a Declaration of Interest prior to the appropriate agenda item.

Agenda documents

Agenda items

The notification from WHP Telecoms about the forthcoming formal planning submission to be submitted on behalf of Cellnex for an upgrade to existing equipment.

21/1645/CLP Tyndalls, The Avenue
Proposal: - Conversion of loft to habitable room with 3 rear dormers to rear and 1 to front. Certificate of lawfulness (Proposed).

The following applications were approved by Hertsmere Borough Council: -
21/1067/HSE 26 Loom Lane (APC - No objection with condition)
21/1438/HSE 37 Williams Way (APC - No objection)
21/1331/HSE 66 Gills Hill Lane (APC - No objection with comments)
21/1186/HSE 13 The Woods (APC - Objected)
21/1118/VOC 26 Oakridge Ave (APC - Objected)
21/1315/HSE Longwood, 4 The Warren (APC - No objection)
21/0977/HSE 475 Watling St (APC - No objection)
21/1106/HSE 25 Canons Close (APC - No objection with condition.)
21/1321/HSE 39 Newlands Ave (APC - No objection)

The following applications were refused by Hertsmere Borough Council: -
21/1322/HSE 47 Battlers Green Drive (APC - Objected)
21/1261/FUL The Studio, 66 Watling St (APC - No objection with comments)

The following application has been withdrawn: -
21/1292/HSE Birchlands, The Warren (APC - No objection with comments)

21/1579/FUL 58 & 60 The Ridgeway
Proposal: - Construction of single storey front infill extension, new front porch canopy, insertion of front roof lights and alterations to fenestration to both 58 and 60 The Ridgeway.

21/1614/HSE 27A Shenley Hill
Proposal: - Single storey front and rear extension.

21/1617/HSE 40 Newlands Avenue
Proposal: - Two storey front and side, part single, part two storey rear extension with conversion of loft to habitable room with 2 window dormers to front and rear.

21/1618/HSE 1A The Drive
Proposal: - Single storey rear extension with alterations to window openings.

21/1631/HSE The Fourtrees Common Lane Letchmore Heath
Proposal: - Part retrospective application for the installation of new swimming pool and patio area to rear garden

21/1644/HSE Tyndalls The Avenue
Proposal: - Single storey front extension, first floor rear extension, two dormers to front and extension to driveway.

21/1666/FUL 27 Newlands Ave
Proposal: - Demolition of existing dwelling and garages and erection of a two storey, six bed dwelling with accommodation in the loft space, to include a detached double garage, outdoor swimming pool, pool house and associated landscaping.

21/1678/FUL 58 Watford Rd
Proposal: - Demolition of existing house, lowering site and construction of 4 x 3-bedroom detached houses.

21/1681/HSE 49 Aldenham Ave
Proposal: - Installation of sliding gate to front elevation to include associated landscaping.

21/1688/ADV 82 Watling St
Proposal: - Installation of 3 x externally illuminated fascia signs and 1 x externally illuminated projection sign (Application for Advertisement consent).

21/1689/FUL 82 Watling St
Proposal: - Construction of a new detached 2-bed dwelling at the rear of the existing restaurant to include parking and amenity space.

21/1699/HSE 1A The Drive
Proposal: - Construction of first floor front and side extension and alterations to fenestration.

21/1700/HSE Roundbush House Round Bush Lane
Proposal: - Proposed front boundary works to include the replacement of close boarded boundary fence with painted steel railings and gates on part dwarf brick wall, insertion of automated vehicle entrance gates and relocation of front porch and pedestrian entrance gates with brick piers.

21/1703/VOC Bio Products Laboratory Dagger Lane Elstree Borehamwood
Proposal: - Application for variation of Condition 3 to remove the requirement for on-site storage/discharge of drainage following grant of planning permission

21/1704/VOC Bio Products Laboratory Dagger Lane Elstree Borehamwood
Proposal: - Application for variation of Condition 2 (Plans) to allow for plant location on the roof of the extension and changes to elevations following grant of planning
permission 20/2023/FUL.