Planning Committee

Monday, October 18, 2021

7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Douglas Hicks Meeting Room
Cllr M Cherry

Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Planning Committee to be held on Monday 18th October 2021 at 7.30pm.
Members are hereby summoned to this meeting and reminded that they have a duty to state a Declaration of Interest prior to the appropriate agenda item.

Agenda documents

Agenda items

Hertsmere Borough Council's draft Local Plan.
The draft plan sets out how the borough could grow over the next 15 years and beyond, by providing homes for the next generation as well as the infrastructure and jobs needed to support this growth. It outlines how Hertsmere will meet the central government requirements to plan for at least 760 homes per year in the borough until 2038.
For more information please visit the following webpage

21/1791/CLE  31A New Road
Proposal: - Construction of a single storey rear extension. Certificate of Lawful Development (Existing).

21/1977/CLE 5 Folly Pathway
Proposal: - Conversion of loft to habitable room with rear dormer and 2 rooflights to front. Certificate of lawfulness (Proposed).

The following applications were approved by Hertsmere Borough Council: -
21/1244/HSE 1 Penne Close (APC - No objection with condition)
21/1334/HSE 40 Oakridge Ave (APC -  Objected)
21/1577/HSE Little Hilfield, Hilfield Lane, Aldenham (APC - No comment)
21/1618/HSE 1A The Drive (APC - No objection)
21/1688/ADV 82 Watling Street, (APC - No objection)
21/1704/VOC Bio Products Laboratory, Dagger Lane, Elstree (APC - No objection)
21/1614/HSE 27A Shenley Hill (APC - No objection)
19/1753/VOC 18 Watford Road (APC - No objection with condition)
21/1579/FUL 58 & 60 The Ridgeway (APC - No objection)
21/1246/HSE 146 Watling St (APC - No objection)

The following application has gone to appeal: -
21/0151/LBC Glebe House,Church Lane,Aldenham,

21/1612/HSE 18 Craigweil Ave
Proposal: - Conversion of loft to habitable space with rear dormer and insertion of 4 roof lights to sides. Erection of part single, part two storey side extension, two storey rear extension, relocation of entrance with front porch and alterations to fenestration. (Amended Plans received 01/10/2021 - First Floor side extension roof ridge set-down.)

21/1930/HSE Crimbles Loom Place
Proposal: - Part single/part two storey rear extension to include balcony at first floor level.

21/1941/HSE Treetops Aldenham Grove
Proposal: - Demolition of existing rear conservatory and erection of single storey rear extension, single storey garage link extension and front entrance open canopy.

21/1953/HSE 28 Watling St
Proposal: - Single storey rear infill extension, conversion of loft to habitable room with rear dormer window, 2 roof lights to the rear, 3 roof lights to the front roof and
replacement of existing shed with a home office garden studio with additional storage outbuilding to rear.

21/1958/FUL 28 New Road
Proposal: - Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 3 x 2 storey, 4 bed dwellings to include habitable loft accommodation with parking, amenity and landscaping.

21/1978/HSE 5 Folly Pathway
Proposal: - Erection of front dormer and 2 rooflights to front.

21/1993/HSE 9 The Grove
Proposal: - Construction of single storey front porch extension, part single, part two storey side infill extension, single storey rear extension and alterations to fenestration. Conversion of loft to habitable space with associated roof alterations to include 3 x front and 2 x rear dormer windows.